The Canada School of Public Service (the School) was created on April 1, 2004, when the legislative provisions of Part IV of the Public Service Modernization Act came into force. The School has been part of the Treasury Board Portfolio since July 2004. It was created from an amalgamation of the following three organizations: the Canadian Centre for Management Development, Training and Development Canada and Language Training Canada.

The School has a legislative mandate to provide a range of learning activities to build individual and organizational capacity and management excellence within the public service.

Under the Canada School of Public Service Act, the School, as a departmental corporation, is mandated to:

For information about the School's core responsibilities, planned results and resources, reporting framework and more, consult our Departmental Plan.

Raison d'être

The Canada School of Public Service acts much like a corporate training and development institution for the federal public service. It supports common public service learning at all levels nationwide and over 90 federal departments and agencies, allowing them to focus on delivering mandate-specific training and development.

The School has one strategic outcome: Federal public service employees have the common knowledge, skills and competencies to fulfil their responsibilities in serving Canadians.


The primary responsibility of the Canada School of Public Service is to provide a broad range of learning opportunities and to establish a culture of learning within the public service.


Be the School of choice for public servants by offering the highest quality of learning experiences.

Values and guiding principles

We achieve excellence by working together.

We continuously adapt, innovate and seek efficiencies.

We lead by example.

Code of Values and Ethics for the Canada School of Public Service

These values are in addition to those in the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector.

Acts and regulations

On April 1, 2004, amendments to the Canadian Centre for Management Development Act were proclaimed. Among other things, these amendments changed the name of the organization to the Canada School of Public Service. Under the amended legislation, now entitled the Canada School of Public Service Act, the School is a continuation of the former organization, with an expanded mandate.

The School is responsible for the Canada School of Public Service Act.

All federal government acts and regulations can be found on the Justice Canada website.

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