Executive Authority Delegation Training Assessment (G610)


Type: Online
Duration: 03:00 hours
Status: Active

In their daily roles and responsibilities, executives must think through complex situations and make sound decisions in compliance with the key legislation and policy frameworks governing their delegated authorities. This assessment provides learners with guidance on exercising delegated authorities through a series of complex multi-faceted scenarios, exercises and other resources such as links and best practices, all of which build upon the online course Authority Delegation Training (G110). Learners must complete the scenarios, exercises and validation questions in their entirety to complete the assessment.


Completing authority delegation training and assessments does not entitle you to exercise signing authority. As outlined in the Directive on Delegation of Spending and Financial Authorities, individuals who are delegated spending and financial authorities under sections 32, 33 and 34 of the Financial Administration Act must meet the following conditions:

  • authorities have been formally delegated to the position through the delegation chart
  • the supervisor has formally identified in writing the individual in that position
  • the individual has completed the required training, and subsequently revalidated his or her knowledge at least every five years, in accordance with the Policy on Learning, Training, and Development and the Directive on Mandatory Training.
More about this course
  • Topics: Finance; Procurement
  • Community: Supervisors; Managers
  • Business line: GC and Public Sector Skills
  • Provider: Canada School of Public Service

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