Modern Treaty and Self-Government Agreement Implementation for Policy and Program Officers (K208)


Type: Virtual classroom
Duration: 15:00 hours
Status: Suspended

All federal organizations have a responsibility to design and deliver policies and programs that comply with the rights and provisions of modern treaties and self-government agreements. This course provides more detailed information about how the federal government implements these agreements. Participants will learn how to conduct an Assessment of Modern Treaty Implications and apply a modern treaty and self-government lens to the development of policies, programs, and services. This course is offered by Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada with the Land Claims Agreement Coalition.

Topics include:

  • whole-of-government approach to implementation
  • assessment of modern treaty implications
  • consultation in the modern treaty context
  • economic development provisions
  • dispute resolution


This course (K208) covers the entire learning content of Fundamentals of Modern Treaty and Self-Government Agreement Implementation (K108), but is more in-depth. You do not need to register for (K108) if you register for (K208).

More about this course
  • Topics: Government priorities; Policy and regulation
  • Community: Employees; Functional specialists
  • Audience: Policy specialists; Regulators
  • Business line: Indigenous Learning
  • Provider: Government of Canada

Upcoming offerings

There are no available offerings for this course at the moment.

All on-site classroom courses have been suspended until further notice. However, virtual classroom and online self-paced courses, including required training and language maintenance tools, remain available for registration through your GCcampus account.

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