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Business line: GC and Public Sector Skills

The School provides learning opportunities related to the craft of government to equip public servants with the knowledge and skills they need throughout their careers. The government can count on a high-performing public service that provides the best possible services to Canadians.

What we offer

In collaboration with more than two dozen policy centres and communities of practice, the School offers a wide range of tools, training, programs and series tailored to the learning needs of all public servants.

Programs and communities

We offer online and in-person programs designed to meet the needs of public servants at all the stages of their careers, whether they are new to the public service, working as a functional specialist or transitioning to a managerial or executive position.

  • Foundational Training: For new public servants, students and those seeking to maintain second-language skills.
  • Management Development: For public servants taking on new responsibilities as supervisors, managers or aspiring directors.
  • Policy, Programs and Services Communities: For public servants working in communications, policy development, frontline services and regulatory processes.
  • Corporate Services Communities: For public servants working in human resources, finance, procurement, information management, real property and security.


Discover all GC and Public Sector Skills courses.

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