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Departmental Performance Report 2012–2013: Sources of Respendable Revenue

Sources of Respendable Revenue in thousands of dollars. Read down the first column for the School's program activities and then to the right for the 2009-10 Actual, the 2010-11 Actual, and the Main Estimates, Planned Revenue, Total Authorities and Actual Revenue for 2011-12. There are two blank fields in the table for the internal services program activity, one under Main Estimates and the other under Planned Revenue. There is a note below the table.
Program 2010-11
($ Thousands)
($ Thousands)
2012-13 ($ Thousands)
Planned Total
Program: Foundational Learning
  57,992 60,556 38,502 38,502 59,144 36,780
Sub-program: Required Training
  5,755 5,611       3,937
Sub-program: Professional Development
  28,025 30,816       25,718
Sub-program: Official Languages Learning
  23,638 23,514       6,615
Sub-program: Online Learning
  574 615       510
Program: Organizational Leadership Development
  9,974 6,840 7,456 7,456 9,512 5,915
Sub-program: Leadership Competencies
  3,680 2,768       2,349
Sub-program: Leadership Development Programs
  5,453 3,682       3,516
Sub-program: Leadership Community Building
  841 390       50
Program: Public Sector Management Innovation
  3,029 3,773 4,042 4,042 4,216 2,622
Sub-program: Organizational Learning Services
  1,129 1,684       1,095
Sub-program: Innovative Management Practices
  1,900 2,089       1,527
Program: Internal Services
  510 1,950     523 325
Total Respendable Revenue 71,505 73,119 50,000 50,000 73,394 45,642

Notes: Subsection 18(2) of the Canada School of Public Service Act states that the revenues from fees received by the School in a fiscal year through the conduct of its operations may be spent in the fiscal year they are collected or, if unspent, carried forward to the following year.

The School's 2012-13 Main Estimates, Planned Revenue and Total Authorities were prepared at the Program level for the fiscal year.


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