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Departmental Performance Report 2015–2016: Internal Audits and Evaluations

Internal Audits Completed in 2015–16

Summary: Internal Audits Completed in 2015–16. Read down the first column for the title of the internal audit, then read to the right for the internal audit type and completion date.
Title of Internal Audit Internal Audit Type Completion Date
Core Control Audit of the Canada School of Public Service The objective of this horizontal audit conducted by the Office of the Comptroller General was to ensure that core controls over financial management within small departments are effective and result in compliance with corresponding legislation, policies and directives. April 2015

Evaluations in Progress or Completed in 2015–16

Summary: Evaluations in Progress or Completed in 2015–16. The first column presents the title of the evaluation, and the other columns present its status, deputy head approval date and link to the organization's program.
Title of evaluation Status Deputy head approval date Link to the organization's program
Strategic Directions Mid-point Assessment (formative review of implementation) In progress October 2016 1.1 Learning Services


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