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Departmental Results Report 2019-2020: Gender-based analysis plus

General information

Institutional GBA+ Capacity

Canada School of Public Service GBA+ Implementation Plan

The School does not yet have a GBA+ implementation plan in place, but it did make advances in the following areas:

Strategy or framework

  • The School is developing a strategy to ensure the integration of GBA+ into departmental decision-making processes, accompanied by appropriate monitoring and reporting mechanisms.
  • A GBA+ framework is being developed.

Accountability mechanisms

  • GBA+ discussions took place at several senior management committee meetings in 2019–20.

Monitoring and reporting mechanisms

  • Monitoring and reporting mechanisms have yet to be determined.

Governance bodies

  • Two Co-Champions for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion led GBA+ initiatives.
  • Discussions on matters pertaining to GBA+ took place as per the mandate of the School's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Forum.
  • An intradepartmental network or working-level group dedicated to GBA+ met during the year.

A GBA+ Responsibility Centre has yet to be formally put in place. In the interim, the School has a GBA+ contact person who acts as an ambassador of the GBA+ program.

Highlights of GBA+ Results by Program
Common Public Service Learning
  • CSPS Premium: GBA+ in the Federal Policy Cycle (P004) was officially launched. It offers an intensive in-person learning experience on gender-based analysis to small groups, with a focus on the application of GBA+ at each stage of the policy cycle.
  • GBA+: Applying Your Knowledge (T731) was launched in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE). This workshop gives participants the opportunity to practise applying GBA+ in interactive group exercises using the new "Demystifying GBA+" job aid.
  • Briefing material and tools were produced on unconscious bias and how to apply GBA+ analysis in the Government of Canada. The School continued to work with WAGE to incorporate different points of view into the learning products.
  • A formal GBA+ analysis was conducted to develop the Senior Project Leadership Program.
  • Prior to its launch, the By Design course was reviewed for inclusiveness and assessed against the Guidelines on Gender-based Analysis Plus for Content Acquisition, Development and Delivery. 
  • Tailored learning sessions on GBA+ were delivered to multiple organizations.
  • Policy changes pertaining to diversity and inclusion were integrated into existing learning products, where appropriate, as course updates occurred and as content was integrated into new course design.
  • Gender-neutral language was applied to promotional messages from the School.
Internal Services
  • GBA+ has been incorporated into the design and delivery of the School's human resources operations and practices.
  • GBA+ standards and gender-inclusive language are applied throughout the employment life cycle, from recruitment and onboarding to departure, to foster a positive workplace that is inclusive of diverse gender identities.
  • A contact person was nominated to monitor the continued application of GBA+ at the School.


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