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Anti-Racism Learning Series

Building awareness and changing attitudes

The Anti-Racism Learning Series was designed to provide information on issues around racism and systemic barriers that exist for marginalized and racialized groups in Canada.

It provides access to tools, job aids, courses, workshops and events on topics such as anti-Black racism, unconscious bias, disaggregated data, mental health and the challenges faced by visible minorities in the public service.

Learning tools

  • Tools, Training and Resources to Combat Racism & Discrimination in the Workplace
    This comprehensive evergreen list of tools, training and resources provides support against racism and discrimination in the workplace. It covers a diversity of themes—from inclusion, to Indigenous learning, to respect—aiming to support  a culture of education and collaboration on issues of racism.
  • Guide to Leading Conversations on Systemic Racism and Racial Discrimination
    The purpose of this learning tool is to support managers in having conversations about systemic racism and racial discrimination with their employees. These conversations can be uncomfortable. This resource will assist managers so that they can examine their beliefs and experiences related to these topics by bringing about greater self-awareness through introspection and reflection.


  • Anti-Racism Event Series
    This series is designed to help you and your teams understand and have discussions around issues of racism and systemic barriers that exist for marginalized and racialized groups of Canadians.


Videos and podcasts

  • Understanding Anti-Black Racism and How to Be an Ally Micro-Learning Series
    This micro-learning series features various experts, including some with lived experience of racism, presenting examples and advice on anti-Black racism, notably how to combat it and how to be an ally. The subject-matter experts will address the history of Black people in Canada, discuss their current experience within the federal public service and how each of us can make a difference.
    • Podcast: The History of People of African Descent in Canada
      In this podcast, Dr. Isaac Saney discusses and explains the history of people of African descent in Canada and the long struggle for freedom and self-determination.
    • Video: Hantz' Story
      In this video, Hantz Prosper shares his personal story and his lived experience with racism.
    • Video: Allyship
      In this video, various experts discuss anti-Black racism and allyship, as well as the importance of allyship and how to be an ally.
    • Video: Addressing Anti-Black Racism in the Federal Public Service
      In this video, various experts provide information and suggestions on how to combat anti-Black racism in the Canadian federal public service.
  • Diversity - Panel Discussion: Black Careers Matter!
    Black careers matter! Learn about the challenges, opportunities and realities of Black employees for career advancement from the experiences of Black senior leaders at ESDC.
  • Understanding Anti-Black Racism and How to Be an Ally
    Revisit the panel discussion on anti-Black racism, notably how to address it and how to be an ally. Our subject matter experts addressed the historical Black experience in Canada, and talked about current experiences within the federal public service and how you can make a difference.
  • Three tips for creating a network for Black employees within your department (YouTube video)
    In this video, the Treasury Board Secretariat Black Employees Network and the Federal Black Employee Caucus offer 3 tips to help you establish a network for Black employees and allies in your department.
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission (YouTube video playlists)

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