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Being Brief: Making a Request Efficiently (B196)


Type: Classroom
Duration: 07:30 hours
Status: Active

Getting your point across quickly and succinctly is a highly desirable skill in today's fast-paced work environment. This course offers specific strategies for making verbal requests in two minutes or less while still delivering a complete and well-constructed message. Participants will learn best practices for expressing themselves explicitly and concisely, and briefing their supervisor or director with maximum effectiveness.

Topics include:

  • recognizing the importance of being concise
  • getting to the point quickly
  • summarizing your thoughts
  • making a request


If you are an executive or a senior level employee at the EX minus 1 or EX minus 2 level, Seeking a Decision from Executives in Two Minutes or Less (Z132) is recommended instead. For learning support on preparing written briefing materials, consult Writing Briefing Notes (C110).

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More about this course
  • Topics: Communications; Service excellence
  • Community: Employees
  • Business line: Transferable Skills
  • Provider: Canada School of Public Service

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