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Introduction to Revenues and Revenue Spending (F130)


Type: Classroom
Duration: 15:00 hours
Status: Active

Financial officers are expected to understand the differences between revenues and the various other types of funding options available in the federal government. This course introduces the different types of non-tax revenues and other funding options, as well as their associated spending authorities, key delivery mechanisms and controls. Participants will learn the basics about non-tax revenues and how they are managed, re-spending revenues and using specified purpose accounts, and the roles and responsibilities of financial officers and program managers.

Topics include:

  • defining non-tax revenues
  • authorizing vote-netted revenue
  • managing revolving funds
  • using specified purpose accounts
  • reviewing roles and responsibilities

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  • Topics: Finance
  • Community: Functional specialists; Managers; Supervisors
  • Audience: Financial officers
  • Business line: GC and Public Sector Skills
  • Provider: Canada School of Public Service

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