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Supervisor Development Program (G313)


Type: Classroom
Duration: 22:30 hours
Status: Active

The supervisory role is often the first major transition point in a public service career. This three-day comprehensive program offers a practical, hands-on approach to learning the core functions of the supervisory role, as well as key concepts such as leadership, communication, delegation and engagement—all with an emphasis on people management. Participants will learn how to efficiently manage their priorities, time and teams, and how to apply their new-found supervisory skills in the workplace.

Topics include:

  • adapting one's communication style based on people and situations
  • choosing the appropriate leadership actions to support employee performance
  • creating a work environment that is representative of public sector values and ethics
  • encouraging and providing effective feedback


The Supervisor Development Program is a structured and standardized learning program that is accessible and available nationally. To participate in the Supervisor Development Program, you must first complete the self-paced course Becoming a Supervisor: The Basics (G312) and obtain a score of 70% or more on the assessment.

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To participate in the Supervisory Development Program, you must first be identified by your organization and be assigned the certification by your Required Training Coordinator or Learning Coordinator. You will then receive an email confirming your registration, at which point you can complete the prerequisite course Becoming a Supervisor: The Basics (G312). For more information, contact your organization's Required Training Coordinator or Learning Coordinator.

More details

More about this course
  • Topics: Communication skills; Government priorities; Human resources; Leadership; Personal and team development; Values and ethics
  • Community: Managers; Supervisors
  • Business line: GC and Public Sector Skills
  • Provider: Canada School of Public Service

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