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Manager Development Program - Phase 3 (G414)


Type: Virtual classroom
Duration: 02:00 hours
Status: Active

The Manager Development Program supports new managers by helping them understand the roles, accountabilities and expectations placed upon managers in the federal public service. Phase 3 is a four-week course presenting weekly themes and complex situations that participants learn to navigate while practising virtual networking and collaboration skills. Participants will spend an average of two hours per week reviewing course materials and participating in online moderated activities and discussions that support each week's theme: networking, processes, negotiation and influencing.

Topics include:

  • interacting effectively with others
  • identifying techniques for networking in the federal government
  • analyzing corporate government priorities and how they relate to your work
  • creating a public service that is more agile, inclusive and better equipped to meet the needs of Canadians


The Manager Development Program comprises four phases. Only participants who are registered in the program and have completed Phase 2 may register for Phase 3. Phase 3 is delivered in an asynchronous format, which means that participants will be able to log in to the online activities and virtual discussions at a time that best suits their schedule.

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More details

More about this course
  • Topics: Communication skills; Leadership; Personal development
  • Community: Managers; Supervisors
  • Business line: GC and Public Sector Skills
  • Provider: Canada School of Public Service

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