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Reaching Efficient Solutions with Computational Thinking (I637)


Type: Online
Duration: 00:24 hours
Status: Active

Using computational thinking together with human intelligence can drastically transform a company's problem-solving abilities. This online self-paced course explores the characteristics and core techniques of computational thinking, including decomposition and pattern recognition. Participants will learn about the use of abstraction techniques and algorithms to solve problems and build new business solutions.

Topics include:

  • using the decomposition technique to break down complex problems
  • exploring the technique of pattern recognition
  • using abstraction in computational thinking
  • building a solution with algorithms
  • evaluating the efficiency of solutions in computational thinking

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More about this course
  • Topics: Career development; Government priorities; Information management; Information technologies; Personal and team development; Service excellence
  • Community: Employees; Managers; Supervisors
  • Business line: Digital Academy
  • Provider: Skillsoft

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