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Developing a Personal Accountability Framework (T201)


Type: Online
Duration: 00:30 hours
Status: Active

Taking responsibility for meeting work objectives, including deadlines and targets, is an important part of good business etiquette and professionalism. This online self-paced course proposes strategies for developing a personal accountability framework by setting goals, developing an action plan, managing priorities, and staying focused and energized. Participants will learn about the importance of personal accountability, delivering on their objectives, and being reliable, organized and dedicated to their work.

Topics include:

  • reviewing examples of SMART goals
  • sequencing the steps in creating an action plan
  • identifying methods to staying focused
  • associating energy types to the activities that help recharge them
  • matching accountability goals against a given set of priorities, objectives, and passions

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More about this course
  • Topics: Career development; Personal development
  • Community: Employees
  • Business line: Transferable Skills
  • Provider: Skillsoft

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