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Discover Series

Discover Series

The Digital Academy offers learning opportunities in the classroom and online for public servants at all levels. Its Discover Series is a suite of foundational courses introducing new mindsets, skills and techniques to help public servants succeed in the digital era.

For public servants

Discover Digital

Suite of courses that demystify what it means to do government in the digital era.

Discover Data

A series designed to develop data competencies in support of a data‑literate workforce.

Discover Agile

A practical overview of what it means to create an Agile culture and apply its tools and practices in the Government of Canada.

Discover Cloud

A series that provides foundational knowledge on cloud computing.

Discover Cyber Security

Suite of courses aimed at providing best practices and practical tips to help public servants stay safe online.

Discover Trending Technology Topics

Helps learners navigate through opportunities, limitations and policy implications beyond the hype of what's new in the digital space.

Discover Artificial Intelligence

Designed to help learners understand what Artificial Intelligence is, and how AI technologies are being used in the Government of Canada today.

For public service leaders

Discover Digital Leadership

A suite of courses introducing leaders to the culture, practices and technologies that have changed all sectors of society, including government.

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