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Learning paths for managers and supervisors

Update: The School is working on a virtual version of the Manager Development Program and the Supervisor Development Program. Visit the programs webpages for more details.

Leadership starts with you

Whether you are just stepping into new responsibilities or planning for the next stage of your career, the School's comprehensive development programs provide a solid foundation for exciting and challenging career transitions.

A modular approach gives you the time and space to build learning into your day-to-day work, while connecting with peers, mentors and experts from across the public service. Visit GCcampus, the School's online learning platform, for online modules and classroom sessions coming up near you!

Check out our video overview of the learning opportunities available to help you manage talent and build leadership capacity within your organizations.

For managers and supervisors of students working in a virtual environment during COVID-19 pandemic

This learning path helps managers and supervisors acquire the knowledge they need to coach and guide students working virtually.

New skills for a new role, resources and community building

Manager development program

Take the Manager Development Program to strengthen your understanding of government priorities, the accountabilities that come with a management position, and the importance of both leadership and innovation.

The program gives you knowledge and skills that you can apply anywhere in the public service, connecting you to a community you can rely on throughout your career. Wherever your management career takes you, count on the program to equip you for success.

Supervisor development program

The Supervisor Development Program prepares you to manage team performance, get results, promote best practices and face new challenges as they arise.

Get started

A self-paced online course that introduces your new role and key responsibilities, including leadership and managing a team.

Apply what you've learned

A three-day classroom course that offers a practical hands-on approach to people management, leadership, communication, delegation and engagement.

Other learning opportunities for managers and supervisors


The School offers a range of events featuring experts who will share their perspectives on current issues and government priorities. Check the Events page to see what's coming up near you!


Timely and relevant, the School's courses equip you with the leadership skills you need to manage complex transformation and a rapidly shifting environment. Discover the resources tailored for managers and supervisors.


Complete your census today!

Help your community make choices about education, employment, transportation, health care and housing services.

National Indigenous History Month

This year, National Indigenous History Month is dedicated to the missing children, the families left behind and the survivors of residential schools.

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