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Welcome to the School's podcasts! Our series will feature a range of learning content on topics such as public service innovation, project management, Indigenous learning and much more! Episodes are produced for and by public servants and contain expert advice, interviews, analyses, and stories that will pique your interest and support your learning needs.


Leading Projects in the Government of Canada

This podcast series is designed with and for public service leaders to enable and support projects that deliver real benefits.

Sitting by the Fire

Through this podcast series, we will offer topics that will expand your knowledge of First Nations, the Inuit and Métis.

Innovate on Demand

This podcast series will allow public servants to learn about innovative projects and processes.

How to Survive as an Executive

The goal of this podcast series is to share best practices among executives across the globe and inspire the next generation of leaders everywhere.

Global Anecdotes in a Pandemic World

This podcast series looks at the innovation and agility of people and organizations across the world as they deal with the global pandemic and look for a new way forward.

Rethinking Leadership GC

This podcast series aims to inspire and challenge your personal leadership journey.

Individual episodes

Individual episodes
Episodes Duration Date
The History of People of African Descent in Canada 05:32 March 18, 2021


Complete your census today!

Help your community make choices about education, employment, transportation, health care and housing services.

National Indigenous History Month

This year, National Indigenous History Month is dedicated to the missing children, the families left behind and the survivors of residential schools.

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